TWW’s Book Review: The Single Daddy Club-Reece by Donna Fasano

picked up this book not only because it looked interesting but also
because I’ve another book by Donna Fasano and liked it. While this is
part of a series of books, The Single Daddy Club: Reece is the only one I’ve read.

An easy read with a little mystery thrown in to make it interesting. I
don’t think I’ve ever read a book that centered around private
investigation. In any case, this should be fun to discover why someone
wants to stop Maggie from doing her job. 

the help of her insurance agent, Reece, wait a minute?!!! With the help
of her insurance agent? Yes, I actually wrote that! Out of some sense
of duty, after he sees that her place has been ransacked, he provides a
place of safety while she figures it out.
found certain parts of the story to be a real stretch for me. I’m not
sure my personal insurance agent would go so far as to offer up his home
if I was in danger. More than likely he would find me a shelter or a
hotel to stay in and then leave me to my own devices! In this day and
age, there is too many instances of bad things happening to good people,
so to let a stranger into one’s home is not a good idea.
While the mystery portion of the book brought a little bit of excitement to the mix, the reader should really consider this book to be a real fantasy as
I don’t think it would ever happen in real life. Although the storyline
might make for a television movie of the week…hmmm…I wonder if Ms.
Fasano has ever thought of that! Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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