TWW’s Book Review: The Summer Garden by Sherryl Woods

This book was read for the May, 2012 Reading Romances Challenge (just a little late getting it posted!)

so we go back to yet again another O’Brien family story. This time is is about
Luke O’Brien, his discovery in Ireland and the woman he met while he was there
“Maddening Moira” O’Malley.
has come home from Ireland and has finally decided what he wants to do with his
life…open up a truly authentic Irish Pub. While some members of the family
doesn’t necessarily support his idea, he really feels that this is his shot to
prove to everyone (and I think to himself) that he is ready to settle down and
be responsible. 
Moira is finally coming into her own and has an opportunity of a lifetime in
pursuing her own dreams, but decides to go with her grandfather to the states
to visit the O’Brien Clan. This is her chance to see if Luke is really the one
for her and decide if she wants to pursue the opportunity that has just been
presented to her.
a wonderful back story, we see Luke’s Grandmother and Moira’s Grandfather
pursuing their own dreams of love and togetherness. Truly lovely to see the
lovebirds come together in the twilight of their years and overcome all the
obstacles to be together.
in all of Ms. Woods stories about the O’Briens, the characters must work thru
their fair share of family interference and concern in order to make it to the
end and realize that yes indeed, they were truly meant for each other. While
all of these books are meant to be stand alone, they have and will always be a
part of the great Chesapeake Shores series. Rating:

Wishing you moments of  great reading!

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