TWW’s Book Review: A Wedding for Maggie by Allison Leigh

This is a book is part of a series that I began to read last year: The Men of the Double C Ranch. Here we find the story of Daniel Clay and Maggie Greene.
We begin several years earlier when we see Daniel leaving the ranch while Maggie stays behind. Unfortunately, a relationship for both of them is not in the cards this time because Maggie is married to someone else and has a child and Daniel, well he is not happy because he can’t have her.
Now three years have gone by and Maggie and her daughter J.D. are heading back to the ranch to deliver some bad news. Her philandering ex is dead and she has to tell his sister who is married to Daniel’s brother. The worst part about this situation is that her ex is not only dead, but she has to face the family that he stole money from and this is not something she is going to enjoy.
While she is there, she has a romantic interlude with Daniel which causes something unforeseen and ultimately brings Maggie back to the ranch to stay and begin a life with the guy who can’t seem to find it in his heart to love. For both Daniel and Maggie, this is going to be a long, tough road before either of them realizes that being together and loving each other is exactly where both of them needs to be. Each has their own set of baggage that will need to be dealt with before their hearts truly open up and lets each other inside.
I must admit there were moments in the story when I wanted to knock some sense into both the characters. Sometimes one’s hardheadedness can be just a bit exasperating. If it were me, I probably would have told Daniel “what for” early on but since this was Maggie’s story, I just had to sit back and read where she was going to go with this. Rating:
Wishing you moments of great reading!
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