TWW’s Book Review: Wedlocked: A Novel by Bonnie Trachtenberg

There is nothing I like better than seeing a jerk get what he deserves and that is exactly what happens to Craig. What a bumbling idiot! 
On the flipside, I love to see that Rebecca actually decided to pursue her heart’s desire. Bummer that she spent so long trying to make it happen. Typical that her family gave her a hard time about it, but not unexpected.
Wedlocked: A Novel by Bonnie Trachtenberg had some humorous moments in a ridiculously long book. I think it could have been paired back from the 272 pages, and still deliver the same story. I found it interesting that the Kindle version of this book had a smaller font size than most of the Kindle books that I have read. I think if it had been the same as other the others, it would have been over 500 pages, which is really way too long.
The author wrote some believable characters and I could actually see myself as Rebecca. Frankly, I would have kicked Craig to the curb long before walking down the aisle, despite the insistence from my family. However, it was nice to see Rebecca become a stronger woman and come to the realization on her own. While she has to go through a lot to get to the good at the end, (don’t we all?), she comes out the other side a better person for it and met some really great people along the way. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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