TWW’s Book Review: Witch Way, The Mystics Series Book 1 by Heidi Hall

Oh my! Things are just not good for Rory Devereaux. (Devereaux…a perfect last name for someone with special…). Ooops! Sorry got lost there for just a second. Anyway, Rory is running again because more bad has found her. Running again, because “Uncle” Barry said she needed to leave so off she goes, with just the clothes on her back and her car, hightailing it out of town and as far away as she could get from all the nastiness that she just left behind.
Little did she know that she was about to find out who she really is…
Part mystery, part paranormal, and part romance, this is a short, entertaining read with a story that keeps you engaged until the end. As book one of a three part novella, Witch Way by Heidi Hall ends perfectly and picks up again in the next part. The author does a great job in making sure that you pick up the next book in order to find out what Rory needs to do.
But first she needs to figure out where she’s going and why she’s going there. Hang on tight, it’s going to be an interesting ride. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!


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