Winters in Wisconsin

When I was growing up, Winter in Wisconsin was brutal. I remember heavy blowing snow, and deep freezing temperatures. I lived out in the country, far from town and in order to get services you had to drive, so we always needed to be prepared.

It was a good thing that my dad was an electrician and owned his owned company. He had many contacts in the community, so if anything went wrong during those winters, all he had to do was call one of the guys or someone else in the trades and they would arrive to help.

I remember one winter when the “fur was flying”, the power went out and my grandparents, who lived down the street from us, had to move in for a few days because of the below freezing temperatures, lack of power and snow packed roads. Thank goodness for fire places, generators and snowmobiles!

The worst winter I think was when the temperatures got so cold, 80 below wind chill factors, and my parents bundled us up to go to church. What were they thinking?!?! In fact, our pastor said the same thing, “What are you doing here?”. My parents replied, “It’s Sunday, we have to go to church.” Not many people made it that day, but we certainly did. It is one of my fondest memories, and I get a good chuckle out of it every time I think of it.

Today, I live very far away from my childhood home. In fact, that home has long since been sold, and my parents moved to a condo in town. Easier for them to take care of and they can travel anytime they like without having someone watch the house.

As for me, I like living where it’s sunny and a bit warmer. Northern California is the perfect place for me, well…except maybe Hawaii, but that’s for another day. It’s sunny and warm in the summer and only slightly cooler with rain in the winter. I can live with the rain, but no more snow and cold for me!

Wishing you moments of snowless and cold-free winters!

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5 thoughts on “Winters in Wisconsin

  1. I was born in Milwaukee. Though I have fond memories of the big snowbanks created by the snowplows, building snowpeople and snowforts, plus the magic sparkle of the coldest snows glittering on the sidewalks on a winter's night, I am very happy to be a SoCal girl now.

  2. I actually really missed our winter this year; we had one single snow fall. Too mild. Then a hot March and now we're going down to freezing tonight after everyone has started planting too early!

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