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I was reading a book today called “Getting the Pretty Back” by (get this!) Molly Ringwald. Remember her…from Sixteen Candles and various other 80’s movies. She actually has a lot of really good things to say. But there was one passage in particular that struck a cord within me, and I just had to share…
The chapter is entitled “Who’s Got Your Back”:
“How grateful I am now to have friends without children! As much as I do appreciate those with kids – the fact that you can meet any mother on the playground, point out your respective offspring, and boom! insta-quasi friendship – there is nothing like getting together with a friend over a glass of wine and talking about something other than your kids. These friends are extremely valuable, and too often these friendships are thrown out with the bathwater.
…Children are certainly not off limits in our discussions, but I do find that we end up talking more about ourselves, and I find myself being reminded of the person that I was before so much of my every waking moment revolved around these little creatures. How easy it is for us to forget ourselves! As my nonparent friends inadvertently remind me, it is up to us to keep it together, to make time for the gym, to take the time to do whatever it is that we like to do, reminding ourselves of who we are as separate beings apart from the relationships dearest to us.”
As a woman, married with a career and no children, this is the first time (in a very loooonnnng time), that I feel content with the cards that were dealt to me in the “children” department. I am slowly finding my way to make up for the fact that I don’t have kids, but also relishing the moments that not having kids has afforded me. Case in point…the great trip to Kauai that I recently came back from and the upcoming birthday weekend getaway at a really cool B&B up on the Mendocino Coast. 
So for any friends of mine who are parents and want to spend time with someone who is a non-parent to just talk about…well…talk about whatever, I am here for you. Just be sure to open up that bottle of Pinot Noir you’ve been stashing away!

Wishing you moments of non-parental friendships!

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