2 Guys, a Sign & a Skateboard

While driving around today doing my errands, I saw 2 guys…one with a sign and the other on a skateboard. They both struck me as being pretty ingenious. Both were doing something to deal with the economy, each in their own very different ways.

The guy with the sign wasn’t standing on the corner begging for money. He was holding up a sign that advertised insurance for one of the nearby agencies. He wasn’t just holding it still either. He was spinning it around and moving it back and forth in a dance that he created all my himself. I imagine he was probably listening to some music to help him pass the time and give credence to his moves. It definitely caught my eye, which is exactly what it was suppose to do.

The other guy, went whizzing by the first one, on his skateboard. He was wearing a suit. Well, it was the closest thing to a suit that he had…lightweight blazer and pants that matched. Not something our fathers would wear, but definitely something a younger guy might put on. Probably doesn’t make much money right now, hence the reason he was on his skateboard. I wonder if he could afford gas and insurance for his car…not sure if there is even a car. He seemed pretty content riding that skateboard and was moving along at a pretty good clip so he must have been in a hurry. Gotta admit, it certainly was faster than walking or waiting around for the bus.

In my earlier post, I talked about doing whatever it took to make it in this economy. Apparently both guys were doing just that. The one, took a job, holding up a sign on the street corner. The other, found his own mode of transportation that didn’t depend on fuel.

I think there is some sort of example being written here. What do you think?

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