A Friendly Face at Walmart

This morning, after I dropped off my husband at the airport, I stopped by our local Walmart to pick up a few things I forgot to get. During the checkout process, I met someone who clearly enjoyed his job. What a novel concept!

Now I have heard many stories of the workers at this company who are unhappy about this or that. But, it sure was nice to see someone who actually was having a good time doing what he was doing. This employee, an older gentleman, was friendly, engaging and by all accounts, happy to be there.

“Why is this?”, I wondered to myself. Could it be that this was the only job he could find that would hire him, and he was grateful to be there for that reason? Or is it because he was just truly a happy person?

I have to admit that a change in attitude can do wonders for oneself. Instead of feeling sorry about the things that are not going right in one’s life, I have found that it is better to think of the things that are actually going right in one’s life. I am a happier and more joyful person instead of a big grump. People around me have clearly noticed the change and we are all the better for it.

It was a joy to see this man happy and content in his world, despite the fact that he was probably in a less than attractive job. Maybe, in his mind and as I suspect, it really wasn’t all that bad. Maybe, if we all just shifted our thoughts to the things that are going right, the things that are going wrong would just fix themselves.

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