For some people, serious addictions can cause one’s life to go spinning out of control. When all you can think about is that one “thing” (or maybe it’s more than one), and it keeps you from sleeping, eating, having relationships, spending time with family or friends, and yes…do I dare say this…work, then you truly know you have been completely consumed by an uncontrollable urge that requires more than just letting go. Unfortunately, at this point, about the only thing that can save you is checking yourself into rehab for some serious treatment.
But what about those inclinations that are not life threatening. Those little fixations that keep us going on the journey of life, feed our souls, bring us peace and help us breathe when the weight of the world is pressing down on you. Are these things really all that serious to make you concerned? Do they cause our lives to spin out of control? Or are they really just a little something, something that make it easier to get through the day? 
What would happen if you could no longer have those fixes? Would you be able to get through the day? Would your life be less whole? Would you wake up one morning and realize you were a shadow of your former self? Would you recognize the person in the mirror staring back at you? 
Perhaps these cravings are not really addictions after all. Maybe, they are the lifeblood that keeps you alive. And when they go missing, you lose yourself. You turn into something unrecognizable. But deep down you know your true identity is still lurking…waiting for the day when you wake up and tell yourself that you can’t do this any more.
When your life has been consumed by something that leads you down the path of destruction, then seek help. But when your soul has been stripped of the essence that makes you whole, and you know that those “addictions” are going to be what it takes to fix it, then stop the ride. Take some time to step back and think about when life was really sweet. And when you find what it is that you lost, grab onto them tightly because these are what you need in order to put the pieces of your life back together. Bring them back slowly…deliberately…using great care. This is the time to heal. Nothing of greatness ever comes when it is rushed. Life is too precious to ramrod the process through quickly. Savor it.
Remember, there are a few “addictions” that are not really bad. Some, in fact, are truly wonderful. You just need to remind yourself that there was a reason why they became a part of you to begin with; and now that you know, you’ll never let them go again.
I know what my “addictions are”, do you?


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