My Personal Space

When asked about what defines my personal space, I am more inclined to ask myself, who am I? Because who I am is what defines my personal space. 

I am a woman of many interests. 
Firstly, my personal space is filled with books because I love to read. So much so, I am out of room. I have since turned to using a Kindle, but now I have two of them. It used to be three, but I broke one. I also have the Kindle app for my tablet and my laptop. You could say that I just can’t get enough books!
Secondly, my personal space is filled with technology…three laptops, a tablet, and the aforementioned Kindles. Not to mention a huge flat screen television, a blue ray disc player and a tape player. Also amidst all this is a cd player, a couple of mp3 players and a gaggle of accessories. Now I don’t use all of them at the same time, but I do use them. Sometimes I think I will go out of my mind with all this technology.
Thirdly, my personal space is filled with camera equipment. While there isn’t as much of it right now because I am just getting started, I still need to have it out to remind me to use it. Sometimes I get so caught up in all of my personal space that I forget that I need to go outside and take photos. Take today for example. The bridge near my home is being shut down for a year. I’ve been saying all weekend I need to go out and take photos. I finally went out this afternoon, but my camera died on me. If I had been more proactive, I would have checked everything before I walked over there. Now I have to wait until I rest a bit before I can go back and take photos I should have taken earlier. 
Fourthly, my personal space is filled with gobs of research and inspiration reading materials. Have I gone through any of them yet. No! I just keep buying more in the hopes that I will, in fact, one day sit down and go through them to find something to write about. 
Fifthly, my personal space is filled with crafts including yarn for several baby blankets. I really need to finish these as I have more to make and I can’t move forward until those are done. I guess I know what I am doing tomorrow!
And lastly, I have drawers filled with movies that make me happy. At this stage in my life, it is all about making me happy. I find comfort in the littlest things. If it comes in the form of a movie, I probably have it. I’ve seen many and buy the ones that I really have to watch more than once. So, if anyone is ever looking to get me a present, just ask me about some of my favorite movies and if I own it or not. These will always be a hit in my book.
My list of interests is great and I could probably write a book on them. But these will suffice for now as they truly define my personal space. For the most part, I am an introvert and tend to do things that are solitary in nature. While I do love to go out and be social from time to time, I tend to do things curled up in my space and enjoy my solitude. It helps me to recharge so I can go out and face the world.

Wishing you moments to enjoy your personal space!

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