All In A Day’s Work

When you’re a working woman, life can be a little rough. There is always something to do whether it be home, family or work. Constant pressure surrounds us and it’s no wonder we feel like running away from it all.

Let’s see if this sounds like a typical day for you:

I get up, take a shower and get dressed. Check my email and facebook accounts. If there’s time, I look at a few other sites that I have been following. Then I grab my lunch from the refrigerator (if I remember to prepare it the night before) and then rush to the car and off to work I go.

Then it’s fight the traffic, park the car and walk the 4-5 blocks to just get to my office (I hate this part!) and then I’m there at work for what seems like forever.

Spend the next nine hours taking care of other people’s needs and wants, then it’s off to the parking structure and race home again.

Once home, I have to figure out what’s for dinner, prepare it or go get it and then it’s time for checking email and facebook again, plus do whatever else I need to do that evening, all before 8:30pm.

Then it’s time to get ready for bed so we can start this dog ‘n’ pony show all over again.

Are you exhausted yet? It’s like this five days a week. The weekends are only slightly different.

“When do I get a little me time?”, you ask.

Don’t know, but maybe you should light a candle and hope for a little relief…

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