Is It Summer Yet?

It’s Saturday and I so want Summer to be here. But today, it’s cold and the sky is a grey overcast with the hint of a storm on the way. It’s May 14th…where is the sun and the warm weather?

I feel like bundling up in some nice comfy warm clothes or at least cover up with a big, fluffy down comforter and taking a nap.

I desperately need to:

  • get into my garden and clean it up
  • houseclean my room and get rid of some stuff
  • post some things to my blog
  • write a few articles

but the truth is…I don’t feel like it because it feels like winter, again.

It’s going to rain tonight.




I give up…

…but just for today.

Maybe there’s hope of Summer for tomorrow…

Update…It’s still cold. In fact, it is suppose to be cold and rainy thru Tuesday. Oh well…maybe next weekend…

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