Along the Road to Pismo Beach

along the road to our destination today, there were so many things that
I saw that will make this trip a memorable one. I typically don’t have
time to look around because I am driving but since I was the co-pilot
today I used the opportunity to the fullest advantage.
The first thing I saw was this…

you, this was not the location where I saw it, but it was the same
truck. I thought my eye’s were playing tricks on me, but I did a little
research on this and Smelly Mel’s is a real business with a 4 1/2 star
rating on Go figure!
were on our way flying down Interstate 280 when we saw a women in the
back seat of a king cab tuck with her hair caught in the the window. I
wish I would have had my camera out but I didn’t. It reminds me of the
moment when we were traveling through the Salt River Canyon following a
pickup truck with a dog in the back who was chasing his tail around and
around. Just one of those moments…
next thing that struck me was the sign that said “A Pink Kennel”. We’ve
past this place for years and I can’t believe I’m even interested in
this place. The only thing it has going for it is the color…’cause it
is definitely pink…Pepto Bismal Pink! The rating was…well
let’s not go there.
We knew we were getting close to our destination when we a billboard sign similar to this…

of course, as soon as I see it, I yell very loudly “Anderson’s!”
Startled the hubs pretty bad and I thought it was really funny. One of
these days, we’re going to have to go visit these Hap Pea and Pea Wee:

So this is our first day of vacation. Had loads of fun!
Wishing you moments to treasure!

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