An the award goes to…

…me! A big shout out of Thanks to Mary Beth at Pleasing 2 the Eye for bestowing the honor on this website. I am truly humbled. It also reminds me that I must get back to uploading our recipes to this site. I’ll be back soon, I promise!

So, here’s the 411…

The origins of the Liebster Blog award are somewhat unclear but the general consensus is that it originated in Germany, Liebster meaning favorite or dearest, to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Upon accepting the award, the recipient must then pass it on to five more blogs of note.

So with that being said, I’d like to honor a few of my supporters:

1. Cindy at Xtreme DIY Girl Writes Again
2. Langley at Hearts in Fur Coats
3. Theresa at Life in My Little Corner
4. Sunithi at Sue’s Nutrition Buzz
5. Daphne at Musing & Amusing

Congratulations to all & Buon appetito!

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