BFF #146 Once Upon A Christmas….

…I had the most glorious dream.

I dreamed of something so simple.

It was all I wanted…

…it was all I needed.

I wanted peace and a little quiet.

But to get the want, I had to satisfy the need.

I needed to be still…still enough to hear the sounds…the sounds of silence.
Like the sounds of falling snow…
…like falling snow while walking through the forest.

I needed to lay my head back and close my eyes…
…and let the quiet sounds wash over me.

I needed to breathe…in and out…

…silently and peacefully.

I dreamed…

…dreamed of comfort…dreamed of joy…

…dreamed of peace…and of the beautiful quiet.

It was all I wanted…

…it was everything I needed.

Wishing you all peace and sounds of silence,

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2 thoughts on “BFF #146 Once Upon A Christmas….

  1. I had to leave this comment from my friend, Jo. As it was originally for a post that I had deleted and then renamed to this one. Thanks Jo!

    Jo has left a new comment on your post "BFF #146 Once Upon A Christmas….":

    "Positively lovely. As you know, I also enjoy the sounds of silence. Then music! 🙂 ♥"

  2. I'm a little jealous reading this because I yearn for quiet. Living in a city is just plain noisy. Although I live in a very nice area of Orlando, there will always be the noises of the traffic on nearby expressway, sirens, the trains that run through the middle of town and an occasional airplane forced to change direction when weather dictates and fly over my house (not often, thank goodness). As a child, I lived on a farm up north. The only noise I ever heard was the whine of tires on the road and the howling of the wind at night. The silence after a snowfall was a treasured moment. Even as a child, I yearned silence. Four years ago, we had new double-pane windows installed in our house and that has been a blessing because as long as we are in the house, I don't hear any of the traffic noise. But, I sure would like to stand in the snowy countryside just one more time in my life to stare in wonder at the beauty and relish the silence! *sigh*

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