Eleven Pipers Piping


For those of you who don’t know me as well as others, music is my life. It has sustained me through the good, the bad and the ugliest times of my life. It is always there for me like a faithful friend, never judging, providing comfort and wisdom.

I typically start playing Christmas music around Thanksgiving and it stays on until Epiphany in January. However, it has been known to sneak out once or twice sometime during other times of the year when I am in need of holiday lift!

My mom and I share a love of one particular holiday song…Silent Night as sung by Stevie Nicks. Rather odd I know, since my mom is not much of a hard rock lover. I guess she just got used to listening to Stevie playing on my bedroom stereo when I was growing up. This one is for you mom!

There are countless other Christmas songs sung by artists that I truly enjoy, but it’s the obscure ones that tend to evoke emotions for me. Here is a little something from The Washougal High School Chamber Choir performing at the Grotto Christmas Festival of Lights on Nov. 30, 2011.

Here is another one for you…might not be obscure, but the movie it came from was kind of popular awhile ago…

And because I really love Rudolph, I couldn’t resist this one…(I even have it on my mp3 playlist!)

Wishing all of you moments of beautiful music!
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I’ve written this post for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, sponsored by the Casa De Hansen. Today’s topic is Music based on the 11th Day of Christmas: “Eleven Pipers Piping”.

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