BFF #147 My Favorite Things…

Peace and quiet time,
And the simplicity in the little things.  
Books, books and more books,
Reading and writing,
And music of almost all kinds.
Dancing to the beat of my own drum,
And sometimes to the beat of others that I like.
When my husband reads to me,
And taking a nap in the middle of the day.
Love…from my family and friends.
Food…that nourishes my body and feeds my soul.
Softly falling snowflakes,
And walking through the woods
Puppies and kittens,
And wildlife in out of the way places.
Dolphins, whales and oceans,
And sitting in the sand of the beach while I watch them.
Rain and thunder,
and other comforting sounds of water.
Vacations in Hawaii and Florida,
And Oregon and California,
And don’t forget the places I call home:
Sonoma County, CA and Racine, WI.

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