BFF #182 Patience…

 …thanks for having it…with me. I know I have been gone for a long while. I’ve missed not participating in these twice weekly challenges. It’s not that I have been ignoring them, rather I just simply haven’t had the time. I’ve been working…a lot…both at the day job and my other writing jobs.

There are seriously only 24 hours in a day and with 8 of them lost to sleep, and another 10+ lost to work/travel to/from work, that leaves less than 6 hours a day (more like 2-3 lately) to get done everything that I need to accomplish in a day.

Sometimes I want too much or expect too much from myself and then I fail and am extremely disappointed. I just need to have a little patience with myself and to not expect everything. So if this means missing a few challenges, and going back to them later, then that is what I need to do. If it means not including any photos with my posts, then maybe that’s what I need to do.

I’m still trying to figure out things…where I want to go with everything. The ideas in my head are just overflowing that I have to stop and make myself slow down. I need to review each idea carefully and determine if it will work or not. Then I have to decide if I have the time to pull it off. All these decisions….takes time and patience. Some of which I don’t have on most days. And it’s aggravating…aaaarrrrggghhh!

Ok, now that I have blown off some steam…I feel better and will move on. So thank you…thank you for your patience with me. It means so much. I appreciate all of you in more ways than you know.

Wishing you all moments of patience.

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