GBE 2: High School

I hated it. 

They were the worst four years of my life. The only good thing that came out of it was the few friends that I made, the four years of Spanish class and my guitar lessons. Overall my education was great, most of the people I went to school with…not so much.

I think back on it now and feel so empty. Well, actually, I think back on it and want to cry, but then I think, what the h3ll for! It’s over and there’s no going back. Oh and here’s an extra kick in the a$$ for me…my graduating class has their reunion this year…and I wasn’t even contacted about it…I found out thru FB. You would think somebody would have tried to get a hold of me. But NOOOOO! Nothing, no communication, nada! My family still lives in town, they are pretty prominent members of the community. I am not that hard to find.

Do I sound bitter?

Just a little, huh? I should have went to the public school…

All those people had their chance to get to know me and it’s their loss. It’s pretty sad since a whole group of us from grade school went on to the same high school I attended. Most of the friends that I thought were my friends in grade school, were really not my friends at all.

Somehow though all is not lost…

there are still a few that I can count on…Barb…Carol…Liz. We all went to the same high school. And after all these years, I can still say you all are true friends, along with the handful of friends from college…Shelli, Angie, Mary Ann, and a few that I met thru jobs I have held over the years…, plus my new friends I’ve met through my writing groups.

You’re all I need. 
(plus my husband!)
High school is long gone…just a bad memory. I’m over it…time to forget the past and live now. I’m ready.

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