GBE 2: High School

I hated it. 

They were the worst four years of my life. The only good thing that came out of it was the few friends that I made, the four years of Spanish class and my guitar lessons. Overall my education was great, most of the people I went to school with…not so much.

I think back on it now and feel so empty. Well, actually, I think back on it and want to cry, but then I think, what the h3ll for! It’s over and there’s no going back. Oh and here’s an extra kick in the a$$ for me…my graduating class has their reunion this year…and I wasn’t even contacted about it…I found out thru FB. You would think somebody would have tried to get a hold of me. But NOOOOO! Nothing, no communication, nada! My family still lives in town, they are pretty prominent members of the community. I am not that hard to find.

Do I sound bitter?

Just a little, huh? I should have went to the public school…

All those people had their chance to get to know me and it’s their loss. It’s pretty sad since a whole group of us from grade school went on to the same high school I attended. Most of the friends that I thought were my friends in grade school, were really not my friends at all.

Somehow though all is not lost…

there are still a few that I can count on…Barb…Carol…Liz. We all went to the same high school. And after all these years, I can still say you all are true friends, along with the handful of friends from college…Shelli, Angie, Mary Ann, and a few that I met thru jobs I have held over the years…, plus my new friends I’ve met through my writing groups.

You’re all I need. 
(plus my husband!)
High school is long gone…just a bad memory. I’m over it…time to forget the past and live now. I’m ready.

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14 thoughts on “GBE 2: High School

  1. I am really sorry high school sucked for you and equally happy that your few real friends and your true writing friends are doing for ya now! Happy, happy to be one of those friends. β™₯

  2. On the upside, when you think about it…high school only lasted 4 years. A very small fraction of your life to have endured torture. As far as the reunion goes, it is their loss. Screw them. You don't need them to be happy be successful in life, you didn' then, and you don't now! (HUGS)


  3. I often wonder if anyone gets through high school unscathed. It was so funny to me that after I graduated, whenever I saw one of those 'popular' girls who had no time for me, suddenly wanted to be my friend. Moving on is a good thing.

  4. You are absolutely right. It is their loss. They sound like a bunch of a$$holes to me. I have never understood why a person has to endure the hell and rejection of high school. Maybe it is to truly appreciate the good that comes after. Look on the bright side, it only lasted 4 years a small fraction of your life. I spent the whole time trying to be accepted by joining everything in sight. It still never won me any close friends. It just kept me on the fringes of the circles looking in.


  5. Wow, another person who hated high school. You always think you're the only one, or one of the few, when it's happening and it isn't until so much later that you realise just how many people felt exactly the same way.

  6. I feel bad for people who describe high school as the best years of their lives. Really, even if those years were spectacularly fun, they were only four years and happened in childhood. Small potatoes in the big picture.

  7. well that SUCKS…huh…that is horrid…and sad..and i say..we should all get together for a reunion..i would like that! Hugging you all in person…something about writing and bonding in a way that just can't be expressed in words..

    I work with a few who remind me of some in HS…and mind you i was president of my sorority..VP of my Senior class…but there are always those who are just so full of insecurities they're plain ass MEAN..end of story. And even tho they have adult bodies..that mean child is trapped in there…i so understand about not wanting to go…((hugs)) and…TFS…fringe no more!! :0)

  8. Sorry high school was such a trial for you. From some of the other blogs I've been reading, there are quite a few people that shared similar "fun" times.

    I guess I was lucky. I moved around a lot and managed to avoid long term abuse. Of course, the fact that I was about six foot tall and 200 pounds probably kept the bullies at bay.

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