BlogFEST 2012 – Has Technology Made Traveling Easier

For this next topic of BlogFEST 2012, the question was posed if technology has made traveling easier…let’s see:

Reservations made at a travel agency
Reading a book on the plane
Finding places on a map
Using a payphone
Instamatic cameras
Transistor radio
Reservations made online
Inflight entertainment devices
Finding places using a GPS system
Using a cell/smart phone
Digital cameras
MP3 player
Ok, so my Then/Now list might seem pretty lame, but for those that are in love with the digital age, these items have been a “god send”. As for me, call it being old fashioned, but I think that being “digital” has caused some detriment as well. Consider this:
  1. Airport Security essentially didn’t exist when I was younger. Now, because of advances in technology (digital or otherwise), terrorism has increased and slowed down travel (e.g. multi-layered airport security, etc.).
  2. With advances in the cellphone industry, simple use phones have now turned into smartphones which many people have become so addicted to they can’t seem to shut them off. When was the last time you connected with someone for real instead of LOL’ing?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for technology and have my fair share of “toys”, but for the most part, they are just that…toys. I probably have one of the last remaining cellphones where all I can do is make a call. Although I have just found out that it can send/receive texts as well. While I have attempted to use this feature, it’s strictly for work purposes only, not to find out where my friends are meeting after work.

With advances in technology comes great responsibility. (Wait! Is that the right line?!?!) Let’s face it, these technological advances have affected just more than travel. It’s how we use these advances that will determine their positive or negative impact on each of us.

Wishing you moments of technological fun!

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One thought on “BlogFEST 2012 – Has Technology Made Traveling Easier

  1. I think the only thing I miss about old school travel is not having to wait in the security lines. I'll say– I don't mind it now–because I'd rather be safe– but I do miss that we didn't have to worry so much about our safety then. Other than that–I love what technology has done for travel!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

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