BlogFEST 2012 – Photo Prompt: Maybe Tomorrow

Daphne wants us to “Write a story, fiction or non. Write a
personal tale, something you are reminded of. Write something factual,
educational about what you see in the scene. Write anything you want. Just write. And enjoy the process.

He could hear them calling his name. It’s so early…barely light outside. He wants to sleep for just a little longer…but they tickle his ear and say, “Come play!” 
It’s a school day; he really shouldn’t skip and he wants to sleep. Yawn….
“Come play with us!” he hears again.
Ok…just a few minutes longer.
“Please!” “Alright! I’m on my way!”
He gets up and dresses and heads to the beach instead of school. The sun is up and it’s a perfect day.
He gets out of the car, takes his shoes off  and walks out onto the sand and down to the shoreline to look out. “Hey!” he says. “Where are you guys?” But all he hears is distant laughter. “Man! They went home!” 
“You’re too late!” he hears in the distance. “We have to go somewhere else now. Maybe tomorrow…”
“Yeah,” he says. “Maybe tomorrow.”

Wishing you moments of great storytelling!

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