BlogFEST 2012: My Favorite Halloween Memories

I don’t have many childhood memories of Halloween. My parents were too overprotective. We also lived far out in the country and we rarely had anyone come to our door. I had to sit for awhile to really think about it, and I only recall one time when I was actually invited to a Halloween party. I dressed up as a gypsy (I have the picture somewhere…just not digitally) and went down the street to hang out with a girl I went to school with. I think the only reason my mom and dad let me go was because the party was close by and next door to my grandparents who live on the same street as us. Otherwise, I don’t think I ever went trick or treating. Not that I didn’t want to, my parents just wouldn’t let me. Come to think of it, I didn’t do much as a kid in terms of parties, events, dates, or whatever. I didn’t really care because I got a lot of other stuff to make up for it.

I guess you could say that when I was a kid, Halloween was just another day for me.

It wasn’t until I was older, married and moved away that I started to enjoy this holiday a whole lot more. My husband made it up to me by decorating the outside of the house. Last year’s decor was absolutely awesome. We had lights, a lighted torch, a witch’s broom and a fog machine!  I’m pretty sure I blogged about it last year…but if not, here are some of those photos…

This is my scarecrow…I made him a long time ago. He hangs out on my door every year. I remember the first year I put him on display. I was so afraid someone was going to steal him. I spent a lot of hours putting him together so I would really be heartbroken if that ever happened. So far…he’s still around…and just hanging out on my door.

My husband had the brilliant idea to put a torch up last year. It scared the neighbor lady, who’s not from this country, and she wouldn’t let her kids come over for tricks or treats. I think she thought I really was a witch…who…me?!?! Frankly, I just thought it was absolutely hilarious…

This is my witch’s broom…I tried to find one that I liked, but all the ones in the catalogs and craft stores were either too cheap looking, too small or just lame. The hubs made this one for me and I was just tickled pink…oops!…black when I saw it! Anyway, I still have it and it looks just as good today as when he originally made it for me.

This is one of my favorite photos… I was just snapping away while my husband was playing with the fog machine. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what I had taken. Very spooky!

Wishing you moments of wonderful Halloween memories!

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