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“What secret weird food/dish can’t you live without and how’d the predilection develop?” This is the question posed by my friend Daphne for this BlogFEST prompt.

Truth be told…I don’t eat anything weird. You could actually say that my eating habits are kind of boring. I don’t like any exotic food whatsoever (this made eating in Hawaii rather difficult!) Preferably I eat my foods rather plain. So let’s go thru a list of the things I won’t eat:

  • Gravy – I don’t like any of this brown gloppy stuff on top of my food. My rule of thumb is if I can’t identify it, I don’t eat it. Pouring this stuff on top of my food just serves to mask all those little unknown things underneath. I need to see what I am eating please!
  • Salmon patties – Does anyone remember these? They resemble hamburgers, except they are made out salmon from a can. My mom made these all the time when I was growing up. The only good thing about the meal was the fact that the side dish was noodles with cracker crumbs. I liked these…just hated the salmon patties. I vowed to myself that I would never eat another one when I moved out of the house. I never did. Today my husband makes me fresh salmon…I’ll share that recipe soon!
  • Since we are on the subject of fish…let’s just say that I throw up a big fat “no” to sushi. While the hubs loves this stuff…you’ll never see any of it passing through my lips.
  • Brussel sprouts – No, no, no and NO! Give me green beans, peas, even asparagus please, but no B.S.!
  • Avocados…not a snowballs chance in ?#@*&%!. Are you trying to kill me? The ramifications if I ingested one of these again would be deadly.
  • Indian, Thai and any other ethnic food that I can’t identify or pronounce. Also, some of the spices are a little OTT and my system just can’t handle them. Funny enough, I do like some Chinese food, but just a very small part of what is serve in this cuisine.

Now, please don’t get me wrong, I do like food! I am a big foodie! I just have certain…um…well…I guess I’ll say “ways” I like to eat. Bring on the fresh veggies, whole grains and protein meats please. Plain food…no sauces (if I can help it) and wholesome goodness. Yeah…that’s me! I’m a little angel when it comes to food!

Wait a minute! Who’s that guy flying behind me?!?!?! Oh yeah….he’s the chocolate devil trying to blow my cover! Shoo…shoo I say! Go hide behind that cloud…I don’t want everyone to know!

Ok…(hanging head)…I admit it. I’m…I’m…I’m a chocoholic…I ADMIT IT! Sweets are my downfall…especially chocolate…Believe it or not, there are some things made with chocolate that are so orgasmically good, you just have to taste them to believe it. I know…because I have tasted them and sincerely enjoyed the the “out of body, earth shattering, make my toes curl…oops, getting a little carried away here!) experience that inevitably followed.

SO I will say this to you…moderation. Everything in moderation…even if it means that I have to eat a little B.S!

Wishing you “delicious, and comforting; even if you can’t identify it” moments of amazing food!

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This blog was written as a part of BlogFest 2012. Check out Daphne’s post – she’s the host today. Please click on the picture below for more information!

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2 thoughts on “BlogFEST: Monster Mash

  1. You mentioned the allergy to avocados, Susan, but I'm just curious, do you actually know what you're not having by not having Brussels sprouts and sushi (Although not together. Egad, that would be a blood-curdling combination!)? That is to say, have you ever had them to begin with and so, do you have a frame of reference for what it is about those items that turns you off? I'm sad for you (sort of), because you're really missing out on something amazing by refusing to eat Brussels sprouts and sushi, which, although I'll eat just about anything, happen to be two of my very favorite foods! πŸ™‚

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