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I had the great opportunity to attend college right after I graduated high school. My parents were able to pay for it without having to go into debt and I was proud to be the only one in my family to go this far. While it was tough some days, I got through with a solid “B” and treasured that diploma every day since!

From time to time, I have had the desire to take a class or two, but haven’t much time to pursue them. I did take a class in drafting at the local junior college when I first moved to California. I was working for an architect and thought it would help me. I was wrong. I left that job after about 3 1/2 years and went on to a very short-lived career in screen printing before landing in the wine industry for almost 9 nines.

Funny enough, when that career crashed and burned, I thought about going back to school online for my masters. In fact, I was ready to do it until I found out how much it was going to cost. I nearly fell off my chair. There went that dream.

I might revisit the idea of taking a class online, but not another degree. I’ll be content with my bachelors degree for now.

Wishing you moments of continued learning!

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One thought on “BlogFEST 2012 – Online College Courses

  1. Unlike you, did not have the opp for getting a college degree with my parents' help, so I only took a few courses. Have periodically thought of classes online, but now you've burst that bubble. (jk!)

    It's probably the best option for some, but as we are finding, we don't ALL need a college degree and the associated costs for professional advancement in every field. Thank goodness we don't need a degree to blog!

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