TWW’s Book Review: Witches in Flight by Debora Geary

is my last review of “witch books” for awhile. I feel as though I have
exhausted myself, but when I get into something, I tend to get into it
in a big way. In the final book of the Witchlight Trilogy, Elsie and
Lizard face their dares and become the women they are supposed to be.
Lauren and Jennie all evolve into amazing women due to these remarkable
two witches. It feels like they all have come full circle as this
series comes to an end.
faces her fears and finally lets go, literally and figuratively. See
her fly through the air ala trapeze style and see her come to terms with
the fact that she is more than just an earth witch, but a fire witch as
well. Elsie finds amore, but learns that it love is not all that it
is on the verge of making something of herself but can’t allow herself
to take the leap. I can fully understand how she would feel. She’s had a
rough life, so she feels she doesn’t deserve to have the successes she
is having.
they help one another get beyond the reasons they came to Witchlight
and move forward on paths that they never dreamed of…much to the
delight of Jenny and the rest of the community. Best of all, we say bon
voyage to the leaders of Witchlight and see Jennie and the girls take
the organization to a whole new level. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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