Book Review: Humble & Kind

Some books grab you in an instant and hold on to your heart forever. Humble & Kind, by Tim McGraw is one of those books, and was written from the heart to express one of the world’s most profound truths. 

Humble & Kind – A Profound Truth

Humble & KindHumble & Kind…it is a profound truth isn’t it? We live in a world filled with them. We know that they are there because we were raised with them, practically from birth. As we get older, we find ourselves far too busy navigating ourselves from one place to another. So busy, in fact, that we forget to stop, roll down the window, and listen to the reminders that these truths speak. Inevitably, they end up staring at us forlornly as we pass them by on the highway of life.

I can hear the cries now, “We don’t have time to stop! We have places to be and things to do!”  But, how could we not have time? Are we so driven to get to where we think we need to go that we can’t stop, even for just a moment? It seems that we would just rather drive right over everything and everyone without thought to the truths in which we were brought up. Taking time out is just another bump in the road that we can’t afford, right?

But sometimes the truths have a way of reaching us despite every obstacle thrown at them. They are quite remarkable that way. While on a long stretch of road, they know we will inevitably reach out to turn on the one medium that will keep us focused on the drive ahead. It is in that moment that the truths will speak volumes in a very simple and melodic way that stops us dead in our tracks.  

The Power of Art

Humble & Kind, as sung by Tim McGraw, delivers one of the most profound truths we have. No matter what, we should always stay humble and kind. In the companion and keepsake book entitled the same, we find McGraw relating his own life experiences and reminding us that through the power of art, we can invoke the ability in all of us to reflect and act on this truth. At the end of the day as he said,

“it’s important to  be reminded how impactful it can be simply to be kind to others; to show respect, compassion, and tolerance; to support diversity; and to have strength to be humble in the midst of it all.” 

Music has the ability to transcend everything. When truths are delivered through song, they have the ability to break through all interference that we throw at it. This concept is so creative, and so very, very clever.

All the truths wanted is for us to listen to them…and head their words. In this case, be humble and kind. It’s so easy to be kind as kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. Humility, on the other hand, is a far more greater balancing act that requires a thoughtful conscience. You want to be/do this, yet you need to be/do that. When we fall, we lose our way; but, when we get back up and try again, we learn that we are only human and that we will make mistakes. We are humbled, and we are kind as those mistakes allow us to reach out and help the one behind us navigate the road we just stumbled through. 

Tim McGraw’s book, Humble & Kind, reinforces the truth so beautifully delivered in his song. While he was not the songwriter, props should go out to Lori McKenna for penning the reminder and for allowing McGraw to deliver it in a stirring rendition that will stand the test of time. How grateful we should all be to have both the song and the book to remind us daily that we all need to humble & kind. Rating: 


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