On my days off, I tend to reminisce about my past. I think about all sorts of things. Some make me laugh, more often than not, they make me cry. Today, however, I am not crying. I am just thinking about making new memories.

Slowing Down and Making New Memories

These past nine months, I’ve been enjoying a much slower pace. Trying to recover from working myself into the ground. I feel better, and I have a clearer head. I’ve spent so much time running and running, that I barely had the time to do anything, least of all making new memories. As I sit here, I am thinking about what could be, sort of like reminiscing in reverse.

Strawberries from the farm

Everything that we do, every activity spent in the company of loved ones, whether it be good or bad, is a memory. Take for example, a simple trip to pick up some fresh fruit. There is a hidden gem in Sonoma County that sells the best tasting strawberries. All the locals know where it is, that is why there is a long line to buy these beauties practically every day during the season. As we stood to wait our turn, I loved to people watch. I think about what their stories may be and try to figure out what car they might be driving. One vehicle stood out, a Porsche Carerra. It didn’t take long to guess the owner. I hate to stereotype, but it was classic, and I told my husband. We chuckled, and made a memory. A good one because we will always remember that couple in the Porsche while picking up three baskets of really yummy fruit.  

The first half of my life was a blur. I don’t want to spend the second half of my life the same way. Since I don’t have children, I want my life to be magical and memorable. I want to enjoy my time to the fullest. So as we wind down this Memorial Day Weekend, slow down and take the time to make new memories to add to the old. Life is short…if we don’t stop and look around once in awhile, we might miss it!

Wishing you moments to make new memories!

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