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My husband and I recently went on vacation…the old fashioned way, complete with tent and camping stove. When the weather is right, I really don’t mind taking a vacation this way. In fact, it is kind of nice. I have a few requirements though;

1. I will only sleep on an air mattress, not a tiny piece of foam rubber;
2. The tent needs to be waterproof; and
3. I refuse to eat like a heathen.

We may have to use a camping stove to cook, but we always bring a small grill, and use the fire ring/grate when needed. Just remember to bring the aluminum foil.

We have just about every piece of camping gear available. That’s why we don’t eat like heathens. My husband can make just about anything when we are camping, and I do mean anything. Steak, cream of Leek soup, pancakes and sausages, bacon and eggs, toast, cookies, muffins and corn on the cob.

Yes, I did say cookies and muffins. We have a small stove. It’s one of the newest additions to our gear.

My husband says that he can cook just about anything while camping that he does at home. So with that being said, take a look below:

Yes, that really is a bottle of sparkling wine from one of our local Healdsburg wineries. The hamburgers aren’t just any hamburgers. It’s ground sirloin with extra ingredients like granulated garlic, onion powder, sugar, salt and pepper, and worcestershire sauce. Sometimes we put in other stuff, but for the most part, this is the basic recipe. The cheese is real cheddar too. No Kraft American Singles in this house or in the campsite. We did have beans, but they were Bush’s Baked Beans and they weren’t eaten out of the can.

Another meal could consist of salad, steak and rice. We also eat soup and sandwiches. Tuna Salad, Sloppy Joes, Hot Cocoa and Coffee. All the same things just like at home.

So the bottom line is…you can still eat very well when you camp out under the stars. The trick is to be prepared and have the right amenities with you. Seriously, you don’t have to “rough it” when you’re roughing it!

Pismo Beach, CA 2011

Buon appetito!

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