“Hey Mister!” 
“I saw you.”
“Yes, you. I saw you looking at her.” 
He turns and walks into the little store, not hearing the words. You can run in and out, and act like no one saw you, but I still did. I saw the way you looked at that woman; with disdain and contempt. You with your expensive, shiny black car and fancy clothes. What are you doing here anyway? Getting out of your vehicle and walking into a convenience store at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning. What are you hiding? A bottle of booze, a pack of cigarettes, or something else that you don’t want your family to know that you just had to go out and get before the rest of the world gets up. Who are you to judge? What gives you the right to look at this woman like she is a loser? You don’t know her at all. Why do you act all high and mighty when you aren’t even aware of the choices she’s made?
  • She doesn’t need a fancy car like yours to feel important. She chooses to not own one because cars aren’t really all that important to her; just a means to get from one place to another. Why spend all that money on a car when she can have one that just gets the job done? She’d rather spend the money on a great vacation.
  • She doesn’t own a washer and dryer either. She chooses not to because:
    • She doesn’t have the room in her small condo;
    • A full-size washer and dryer won’t fit the narrow staircase leading up to the second floor where the laundry is located;
    • She needs that laundry space for storage; and,
    • She saves time and money by visiting the laundromat once every two weeks.
  • She may look a bit disheveled this morning but she’s been up for hours getting her chores done so she can enjoy the rest of her day. She chooses not to wear makeup or style her hair. It is, after all, Saturday morning at 6:00am.
  • By the way, she has a job. One that earns her a good salary. She’s labored many years and provided the best work to her abilities for everyone she’s worked for; made sacrifices beyond measure. Now she chooses to work smarter and enjoy herself. Do more of what she wants and have a better work/life balance.
So you…you with your perfectly coiffed hair, pressed clothing and expensive car. What have you chosen to do today? You’ve chosen to sneak off early in the morning hoping no one will see you.  You’ve chosen to judge a book by it’s cover instead of offering a kind eye and a warm hello. You’ve chosen to look down upon others who look like they are not of the same stature as you.
Shame on you! 
Go ahead! 
Go ahead and get into your ridiculously expensive vehicle and go back to where you came from; because truthfully, that woman doesn’t need you to prove her self worth. She already knows she is because she has friends and family who love her, a husband who would do anything for her, a great life, and not just one, but two successful careers.
So yes, just head on out of here Mister with whatever your secret purchase was; go on home to your family before they wake up. That’s right, because unlike you, that woman doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover. She just calls them like she sees them, and she saw you for what you really are…a snob.
And as I watched her turn and walk back into the laundromat, I saw her…laughing to herself. I know exactly why she’s laughing.
Wishing you moments to make the choices you want to make.
By the way…that woman…the one from the laundromat. 
Yea…that was me. 
This morning…
…at the laundromat.
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3 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I love, love this post. I see this everyday and smile to myself…I hear the comments about me choosing to chop off my hair and wear it low. I have plans and can't be bothered anymore with long waits at the hairdresser, the dollars down the drain to get my hair and scalp burnt. Beautiful writing as well – I could see and feel the emotions. You gave me a push in the direction I am heading.

    Thank you, Susan.

  2. Good for you for choosing the way you want to live. It is empowering to live the way you want to live and allow others their own choices too. I don't get particularly irritated by snobbery or judgmental people- because I don't really notice. I have the feeling that everyone brings back into their life what they give out- so snobby people are probably treated snobbily by others- karma- I don't even want to know what happens back- I just want to keep living happy, living my dreams and giving generously.

  3. Ofcourse one should live the way one wants…why worry about being judged…. you can either live your life your own way and be happy or try pleasing others and be miserable … a nice post again…

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