Crazy Weather, Hot Temperatures and a Noisy Office

As all of us are aware, the weather these last several years has been really crazy; this last year especially. I’ve currently been experiencing some of the hottest temperatures in this area in a long time. While we typically get this type of weather, it usually breaks after a couple of days due to nature’s air conditioning – the Pacific Ocean. Not this year though. It’s been unbelievably hot this past week, with just a bit of a break today (85 degrees vs. the 102+ for the rest of the week). The temps are going to climb right back  up there next week.
Thank goodness, my husband bought me two new forms of cooling this year. The first is a refurbished Dyson fan. It pushes out an extraordinary amount of air and really cools well. Originally, my guy just bought one, but after finding out that it worked so well, he bought a second refurbished one. I highly recommend purchasing them in this manner rather than new out of the box. You’ll save a lot of money and they work just the same as brand new in a box.

The second cooling device came in the form of a portable air conditioner. Well, actually it’s more of an evaporative cooler and uses water. So while I call it an AC it’s really an EC, but works virtually the same…at least to me. 
So with both of these electronic “toys” so to speak, I am staying comfortably cool while the heat is raging outside. The only drawback is that I had to move my office downstairs instead of staying upstairs where I prefer to be. You see, I need to work with my own TV or stereo playing in the background. I can’t concentrate without the noise! Now you might say,

Wishing you moments to keep cool!

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Weather, Hot Temperatures and a Noisy Office

  1. I too like the background noise of music or the TV…unless it is a REAL writing emergency…like waiting until 11:30 PM to complete the UBC challenge!!
    I have wondered about the Dyson fans. I think they are neat looking, but could never justify the cost 0_0! Thanks for the idea of buying refurbished! I had not thought of that!
    We are pretty much opposite of where you are…north east PA! But it has been BRUTAL here. 98 on the local banks thermometer! We usually only get that high of temps in August. So, basically my little 'ole AC has been on for a week :)!
    Hope you get some relief soon :0)!

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