Christmas in Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers


Christmas in Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers is an unexpected Christmas holiday romance story, and one of the sweetest ones I have read in a long while. Christmas and romance stories are two of my favorite things. When they are combined, I am a really happy reader! This story really fit the bill for me as I have not been reading as much as I should be. Reading was the main reason behind this website, and like Anna, I kind of forgot about it because work and life got in the way.

Holiday Romance

I must say, this quick read was a wonderful addition to my collection of Christmas holiday romance stories! The heroine reminded me of myself in some ways – losing myself in a career and not meeting personal expectations. It was a wonderful reminder that you aren’t supposed to “live to work”, but rather, you should “work to live.”

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends, not sitting behind a computer. Putting your job before everything just to get ahead may seem like a good idea when you’re young and fresh out of college, but life goes by pretty quickly if you don’t stop and take a look around you.

Loss Leads to Happiness During the Christmas Holiday

Oh Anna, you had a tough lesson to learn.  In the end though, you found that family is as much important as working is, and putting yourself out there to meet new people is not so intimidating as it sounds.  Loss definitely lead to happiness during the Christmas holiday for our heroine.
A holiday romance doesn’t have to be very lengthy.  For me, it just needs to capture a moment in time. Christmas at Peony Harbor by Rosie Summers fit that need to a tee! I think I am going to enjoy this author very much and can’t wait for her next story in the Astor Island Series! Rating:
5 star rating
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