Common Courtesy

Whatever happened to common courtesy? It feels like the age of technology has swept it away and those caught up in the wave have become oblivious to the rest of the world who stands by and shakes their heads.
I get the fact that cellphones are the link to a whole new world of information and communication. However, when those same cellphones actually cut you off from human interaction, what good does an easy link to communicating via social media do for you?
Case in point. Standing in line at a local store, my husband was trying to unload his cart, but the young girl who was waiting for her father to finish paying for his order was unobservant and blocked my husband from even putting his items on the counter because her nose was buried in her cellphone. How someone so young could be so discourteous to her fellow shopper is beyond me. The worst part about this… it is not the first time we have seen this happen!
Don’t get me wrong as I am all for technology! Over the years, I’ve owned numerous computers including both desk and laptops. Additionally, I own a tablet (generic of course!), two kindles and I am on my third cellphone. Notice I said cellphone. I don’t own a smartphone and I don’t want one. I use my phone to talk with people via voice or text. That’s it! If I want to get online, I use my tablet or laptop. Call me old-fashioned, but I like it better that way!
How many times have you been walking somewhere when you come across somebody with their head down and buried inside their cellphone? It doesn’t matter where you are, there will be someone of any age, who will be walking along with their eyes engrossed in the latest social media via their “smartphone”. Whatever happened to social interaction? Talking and hanging out with one another…being courteous to your fellow man?
I was watching television not that long ago, and it seems like one of the biggest names in consumer products hit the nail on the head. Our younger generations have lost the art of getting together. While I see many people walking together, but they are usually not talking while they are walking. Everyone of them is carrying a phone and either are too busy looking at their screens, or have earbuds in and listening to music. I remember a time when it was fun to go to the mall and shop with my friends. We hung out, tried on clothes and laughed. I don’t see anyone laughing anymore. It’s really sad.

My husband said that it will come back around, but I just don’t see it…at least not anytime soon. If I could wish for something right now, it would be to have everyone put down their “smartphones” and walk with their heads up for awhile. You might just discover something really cool while you’re walking around.

Wishing you moments to rediscover the things you’ve lost.

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