Early Morning Thoughts

It’s early on Sunday morning at the local laundromat. I am basically here alone save for a dad and his daughter doing the same thing I am, washing clothes. I see them here every other week, just like they see me. We don’t speak, just smile at each other and go about our chore. Once the clothes are loaded and the washing begins, I begin sifting through the early morning thoughts that are rolling around in my head.
This is my time to be alone. Even though I see two other people, I am really alone as I don’t have to have a conversation with anyone. As much as I hated this chore in the beginning, I’ve actually grown to enjoy it. It is the only time that I don’t have to talk to anyone. By the time I’ve started the drying process, a few other people drop by, the “semi-regulars” as I like to call them. They basically don’t speak English. Maybe one of them will say a stilted “Hello” or “Good Morning”, but most of the time we just smile at each other and go about our business. I can return to my thoughts or read. I watch the dad and daughter play video games on their iPad. I go back to my peace and solitude. If the muse strikes, I might get a writing inspiration from just sitting there and folding clothes.
Did you know that folding clothes can be very therapeutic? I never knew that! Maybe it has to do with the mechanical way it happens. Not having to think about the way to fold that shirt, those pants or that towel leaves your mind free to wander. I like it when my mind wanders because before you know it, the clothes are folded and ready to be put in the baskets, and I can load the car to go home. If I am lucky, I’ll have solved a problem or two, maybe make a decision.
By the time I get home, I am ready for a nap and hopefully can sleep for a while to recharge the batteries. It’s 6am, and even though I’ve been up since around 3am, I’ve finished with a huge chore that takes some people all week. I’ve been alone with my early morning thoughts, and can now rest easy for the remainder of the day.
Ahhhh…there is something to be said for getting up early.
Wishing you moments do enjoy your early morning thoughts.

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