Embrace the Changes

Hello 2016! I am so glad you are here! The road throughout 2015 was bumpy, windy  and filled with detours. I stopped and started so many times I could not keep track by year’s end. I am so glad to be here. As what seems like my norm, I am positing on the second day of the new year because I am always doing something else away from the computer on the very first day!
This year I rang in the New Year’s holiday with a pretty bad cold so I have been stuck in bed since New Year’s Eve. My eyes were closed and I was snoring before the clock even struck midnight, LOL! While I am feeling a little better the third day in, my husband seems to have caught my cold and is down for the count. πŸ™
I am looking forward to many changes in 2016. Since I don’t typically do resolutions, I think that this year will be the year that I will #embracethechanges. In fact, this will be my slogan for the year, “Embrace the Changes”. Several things I can’t talk about right now, but I am beyond excited!
So I hope that you will stay with me throughout 2016 and join my on my journey as I #embracethechanges that life brings my way.

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