Making It Happen – The Relaunch of Today’s Writing Woman!


Six years paper sign over confetti. Vector holiday illustration.Hello and welcome to the new and improved Today’s Writing Woman. On this day, the sixth anniversary of my original blog, a long awaited dream is fulfilled. I am thrilled to begin this next chapter of my writing career!  

Today’s Writing Woman has seen many changes since it’s infancy. Starting as just a blog to write about a painful life-changing event as a “working woman”, I began to realize just how much I loved expressing my thoughts. The more I wrote, the more I realized that I needed to change my blog name, and expand my brand to include writing on other topics as well as other platforms. I went out to the online marketplace and gained the experience I needed. During those early years, I was able to hone in on the areas where I really wanted to concentrate my efforts.

After experiencing a second (and equally as painful) life-changing event, I took the opportunity to think about what I wanted from Today’s Writing Woman. In my heart, I knew I needed to expand it, but truthfully, I wasn’t ready until I learned to #embracethechanges that were heading my way. After months of soul searching, and praying to God for an answer or sign, I took a huge leap of faith, forging ahead knowing it was now or never. 

When I found a Facebook post from Heather Stillufsen of Rose Hill Designs; an artist that I admire, I knew at that moment, I found the sign I had asked for. The post said, “If you want something in your life, you most go out and make it happen. No one is going to do it for you.” This was something I have told myself over and over throughout my life! I knew after reading it, that I had made the right decision; and that the relaunch of Today’s Writing Woman would be one of my greatest accomplishments, because I finally made it happen. 

Thank You’s

I worked for several months with a team of people to pull this together. Special thanks go to Brandon McCloskey, my web designer and Ryan Hunt, my logo designer, who put up with my endless revisions and helped me produce this website that is truly a reflection of who I am; Jeanie Mulhern, my mentor who not only recognized my writing skills but also encouraged me to be the best I could be; my colleague Ashley Ormon, founder of Proverbs & Wisdom, who took a chance on me to become an editor of her first published book, the devotional “God In Your Morning,” which led to an Executive Editor opportunity for her magazine, In The Light; and my husband, Edward Dusterhoft, for his endless love, tireless support of my writing, and putting up with my unending technology questions and requests for his opinions on everything! 

Please feel free to email me here with requests for book reviews or help on your writing projects. I look forward to 2016 and beyond as I “Reflect, Revise, and Inspire” you!

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