Far away locked deep inside,
lies the words yet unspoken.
Pen to paper, oh how I’ve tried,
to release my heart unbroken.
Quiet sobs of desperation,
knowing he waits for the sign.
Leads to hours of frustration,
this pain is only mine.
Walk away to clear the senses,
now fall asleep and rest awhile.
Follow dreams to release defenses,
crumpled paper tossed to circular file.
Now it’s time to start again,
say the words he longs to hear.
Write them down as paper meets pen,
the message of need for his ear.
Fold in half and insert inside,
the addressed envelope.
Quickly mail and know I tried,
to show his destiny true hope.
Three nights later he stands there,
and watches me in repose.
I awake with mussed up hair,
he smiles and it shows.
His love for me is in his hand,
while is heart is on the line.
Beautiful diamonds circle the band,
I accept his love, he’s finally mine.

 Wishing you moments of pure poetry!

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12 thoughts on “Envelope

    1. This one had been in my head for most of the day. When it finally hit the paper, it flowed rather easily. I'm not much of a poetry writer, but when it happens it does so quickly. Funny thing with my poetry is that I usually see it in my mind as a story first before I write it.

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