Falling for the Millionaire by Merrillee Whren

Falling for the Millionaire

These days, it seems that many of the “romance” books that I see marketed on the leading social media sites are geared less toward the imagination and more toward detail. While I don’t mind either, I like to see more of what I used to read long ago – sweeter stories, more wholesome and truly romantic. “Falling for the Millionaire” reminds me of those books I used to check out of the Bookmobile and the reason I fell in love with the romance genre.

Falling for the Millionaire Brings Back Fond Memories 

With this story, Ms. Whren brought back some fond memories of sunny summer days reading my first romance books.  I love seeing the two main characters, Melody and Hunter, work through their relationship as well as having their families play a role in that development. Both Melody and Hunter have their own personal issues which were well played out and brought the right amount of tension to the story line.

Learn to Trust God to See You Through Your Troubles

There is one line in “Falling for the Millionaire” that I really I loved, and to be honest, struck a cord with me more than anything. It was during a dialogue between Melody and one of the women from her Bible Study group. Based on passage from the Book of Isaiah, it said, “…I’m learning to trust God to see me through my troubles.” Reading that made me realize that if we all could just trust that He will see you through the hard times, then going through them won’t seem nearly as difficult. I will remember this the next time I am experiencing my own troubles. 

Merrillee Whren really showed me that anything is possible when you open your heart to forgiveness. By letting go of the past, setting aside your fears, and trusting in your heart, you will find yourself heading down a path of hope towards the type of relationship all romance lovers long for. 

This is truly a heartwarming story and one that should be included on the “To Be Read” list. Rating: 


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