Ode to Fall – My Favorite Time of Year

Well, we just survived another September. Today is October 1st and I think that Fall is finally here!  The nights are crisp and cool. My Sunflowers are in bloom, the kids are back in school, and Halloween is a mere 30 days away. Yes…Fall has  definitely arrived, and I could not be happier! 

Things that Bring Me Comfort

Sunny Fall SunflowersI love these three months leading up to Christmas; anxiously waiting for them for all year. I have even set up my Facebook News Feed to show me all things related to October, November and December. I am surrounding myself with all the things that bring me comfort – cozy socks, fluffy blankets, scented candles, Sunflowers, and home-made chili. Don’t forget the football!

While the summer garden is being put to bed, the holiday shopping has commenced. I am thinking about all the decorations; starting with Fall flowers, pumpkins and gourds, seguing to turkeys and pilgrims, and ultimately ending with Santa and snowmen. Ahhh…I am starting to feel the joys of the upcoming holidays! 

But Fall is first, so let’s settle in and enjoy!

Poem for Fall

Ode to Fall…My Favorite Time Of Year

Seasons change from Summer to Fall,
break out the gear for some touch football.
Leaves are turning all golden and brown,
rain is coming, oh I hope it pours down.

The last of the flowers shine a bright yellow,
swaying in the breeze, all soft and mellow.
Don’t forget the tomatoes, round and sweet,
add them to the chili, include lots of meat.

Turn on the oven and break out the pans,
let’s make the dough with both our hands.
 Baking bread is so much fun,
be sure to share some with everyone.

Eat caramel apples and drink hot cider,
decorate the house with cobwebs and spiders.
Fall is definitely the best time of year
because it’s when all my old favorites reappear.


Wishing you moments to enjoy the best time of year!

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