Gardening in February

Temperatures in the mid-70’s…surely this must not be February? But it is!  I couldn’t let another moment of this beautiful three day weekend go by without going outside at least once to play in the dirt. I know it is incredibly early to get started, but if I know myself, I would have gotten lazy and then and kicked myself for not getting started sooner.

I have found that it is never to early to get started planning your garden. For me, it’s all about making sure I have the right herbs, veggies and flowers that make me happy. I love color and aroma. So my thoughts are filled with wonderful ideas of what I want to plant. I am looking forward to the deep reds of Cherry and Roma Tomatoes, and the intense aromatics of basil, oregano and thyme and other herbs I love to grow. My sage and rosemary are in full tilt so no worries on that level.
I can’t wait for the weather to sustain the warm temperatures so I can put my garden into overdrive. I look forward to new colors and varieties of plants to try and hopefully enjoy throughout the growing season. With that, I’ll leave you with these few photos of my previous gardening season.
Wishing you moments to plan a great garden!


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