GBE2: Week #33 – Work

Work has already been a priority in my life. I’ve always given myself wholeheartedly to whatever I am doing. Full speed ahead, peddle to the meddle and all that jazz. I gave work everything in the hopes it would give everything back to me. Was it worth it? You bet…because it brought me to today.

But…I’ve come to learn a very valuable lesson…work is not everything.

This year, while work will be important, it won’t be everything. Life for me will revolve around more than just work. In order to be happy, I need to be more well-rounded in my endeavors. This is going to be my new driving force this year. I will still continue to give 110% to my work, but I will let other things into my life as well.

My husband has a great philosophy about work…”You need to work to earn enough money in order to take the next vacation.” I’ll take that one step further…”I need to work to pay off my debts, put money away for retirement and to take that next great vacation.”

I plan on enjoying myself this year and not let work be the only thing that consumes my life. I am more than my work. My name is Susan Dusterhoft…I am Today’s Working Woman…and this is my year. It’s going to be a great!

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21 thoughts on “GBE2: Week #33 – Work

  1. Nice post. For me work officially came to an end when I went on NZ National Superannuation in 2009. But you never stop working. I have four children and twelve grandchildren – believe me you never stop working when you have offspring.



  2. Positive confirmation at the end of your post, I have to agree with danneromero, and Laura though, work is only a part of the puzzle, the puzzling part is to balance it effectively with the rest of the life you are living… have a wonderful 2012!

  3. Every post I see more and more balance and sensibility. You are so on the right road and it makes me so happy! Work is how you pay for life. Nothing more.

  4. Hear me women! That is what I hear in your blog. I love the determination and desire to do better each day. I am happy I found your blog. I will be back to read more. Your comment on my blog gave an inspiration to write more. I am too old for the working class, but now I can help others relate to the time when they get older…Senior living I call it..

  5. I really like your husband's philosophy and paying off your debts is a good thing. But the best thing you said is "I plan on enjoying myself this year". Go for it!

  6. We have no balance at all. How do you find it when you have two children with autism? I don't know. I hope to find a way this year so that my husband and I can at least be a little less of slaves to ohur work.

    Thanks for the push!

  7. Sounds like you have the perfect attitude ~ trying to find the balance between work and leisure (or life!) I hope this year turns out to be the one where you are able to find a little time to enjoy life outside of work :o) Great post ~ I came here via GBE 2 :o)

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