Out with the Old and In with the New

When I saw the title for this blog hop challenge, I immediately thought of those lists you occasionally see called “What’s Hot and What’s Not”. So in honor of those, I’m doing something similar and calling it:
Susan’s What’s Out and What’s In List

What’s Out:                                  What’s In:
McDonalds                                    Home Cooking
Blue Jeans and Sneakers                Dress clothes and pumps
Soda                                             Tea
Television                                       Movies on DVD
Hardcover and paperback novels      My Kindle
Magazines                                     Books
Late Nights                                    Early Mornings
Weekends on the couch                 Weekends hiking at the county parks
Photos on film                                Digital Photos
Camcorder                                    Video camera
Writing for others                           Writing for myself
Cross-stitching                              Crocheting
Spending money                            Paying off debt
Savings account                            401K Plan
Boombox                                       MP3 Player
Aerobics                                       Yoga
My desktop computer                     My laptop computer
Typing                                           Voice recognition software
Chaos and disorganization              Simplicity and peace
I hope that sharing this list will give you another insight into the world Susan, Today’s Working Woman! Now, how about you? What’s in and out in your life?

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This post is written for The Writer’s Post Blog Hop# 28: Out with the Old and In with the New. Interested in learning more, please check out the link below!

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