Giving Back

Giving back to my community has never been more important than it is now that I am in the #secondact of my life. For me, now is the time to live as intentionally as possible. In order to do that, I need to make my creative endeavors mean something. 

Giving Back

For several months, my focus has been making soap sacks for the charitable organization S.A.C.K. (Support a Community with Kindness). Not only has it given me the opportunity to use up some of my yarn, but it has brought me great joy! Giving back has been so much fun! I’ve bought more yarn because these easy-to-make items are addictive. I want to continue making these for the rest of the year. The best part, each one that I make fills my cup and will go to someone who really needs it.

Crocheting Relaxes Me

Crocheting relaxes me. I make several different things, from baby blankets to dish clothes. Making these items help me to unwind and forget about the troubles of the day. I tend to give away the baby blankets to those I work with. Now that I don’t have anyone to give the blankets to, I will be donating to Project Linus as a part of my Giving Back Project. I was hoping to find a local Project Linus but have been unsuccessful in that endeavor, so I will send this latest batch to the corporate office when I get around to it.

Keep It Simple

I tend to keep things pretty simple because I haven’t taught myself many new stitches. In the future, I hope to increase my stitch repertoire. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a blanket using a stitch I haven’t done before? Yes, indeed, it would be. For right now, I am happy with keeping it simple so that I can continue giving back to the community and the various charities I support.

Wishing you moments to give back!


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