In Like A Lion

In like a lionIn like a lion, out like a lamb. Not for those of us living in the heartland! The weather here has been anything but that, lol! For the last month, the temperatures have been up and down, the skies gloomy, and the precipitation has been mixed—definitely, a meteorologist’s delight.

In Like A Lion

Today is April 1st, and for us in the Midwest, the weather is coming in like a lion. The last day of March started relatively warm, but then the winds changed, the temperatures dropped, and the general atmosphere of everything felt different. The weather was definitely up to something.

Perhaps we should describe the end of March/beginning of April as out like a lion, in like a lion. The wind gust late last night was 36 mph. It blew over several things on our deck. In my mind’s eye, I see the poor birds blown away and the bird feeder soaring through the sky. My goodness! I think our squirrel friends have gone back into hibernation too!

Wildfires vs. Tornadoes

During the last several years of living in California, we experienced devasting wildfires. I viewed orange skies for the entire month of August 2020. Deciding to leave, we left California’s wildfires and entered a new realm of weather. Now it is wind, rain, snow, and tornadoes.

Being surrounded by fire brought about a whole level of anxiety. I don’t know how I feel about tornadoes or whether they will make me anxious. Let’s hope and pray that I never have to face one head-on. I think I will take a good, old-fashioned thunderstorm instead, thank you very much. 

In my heart, I know that a tornado is just as devasting as a wildfire. Both come blazing through an area and leave behind destruction that is beyond the imagination. You cannot do anything to prevent it; you just have to get through the moments as best you can and be grateful to come out alive on the other side.

Our Southern Neighbors

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the weather has been more than up to something for our southern neighbors. The number of confirmed tornadoes so far this year in the United States has been 251. What?!?! I can’t even fathom that! And here is something else, this past January recorded the third-highest number of tornado watches and confirmed tornadoes of any January on record in the U.S. 

My heart aches for everyone who has gone through the massive devastation left in the wake of a tornado. I am trying to think of things I can do for them, but that is a post for another day.

I am definitely ready for a month to arrive as less like “in like a lion.” I hope the winds will calm down a bit, and it will feel a bit more lamb-like around here. When we moved out west, a strong wind gave me anxiety. While I love a good thunderstorm, I could do without the wind and any potential tornadoes. 

Wishing you moments to feel safe and secure, as well as being mindful during this crazy weather,


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