Half Year Report

Hi Everyone!

Today marks the half way point in my goals for the year, I must admit…I am failing miserably again. Well…maybe not miserably, but not doing as well in my writing (and a few other things) as I had hoped to be. Blah! Do any of you ever feel like this? So what’s Today’s Working Woman suppose to do?

Well, she is treating this as a new beginning and a start fresh. But, there is this small nagging feeling in the back of my mind that keeps saying “You say this all the time and nothing ever changes!” Well you’re right, I do say that a lot, but this time I really mean it.

I made some progress yesterday in trying to turn some things around. So here is my report:

1. I moved my office from upstairs to downstairs. Sometimes a change in scenery helps to redirect the flow of creativity. Here’s hoping this will allow me to stay a bit more focused instead of getting mired in the piles of junk upstairs.

2. I actually went to bed a bit earlier the last couple of nights, thanks to the extreme weather we’re having. It’s crazy how a spike in temperature will completely shut down your system and suck the life right out of you. Hopefully, this will aid in a few things.

3. No office upstairs means I can get moving quickly in the morning so I don’t have to dawdle and feel rushed as I head out to the day job.

4. Cleaning up yesterday inspired me to clean up the rest of the “piles” around my house. Just taking them one pile at a time. This will take a while because believe me, I have a ton of stuff to purge…again!

Hopefully, this will put me back on track and help me to refocus my energies into a more productive writing period. Writing this post in the am before I head off to work gives me the hope that I have turned the corner and won’t feel like such a slug anymore. I know that I have neglected this website, and my recipes one, but plans are slowly coming together to get things back on track.

Have a fabulous day everyone and I’ll see you all back here later!

Wishing you moments of getting it all together!

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One thought on “Half Year Report

  1. I also have a blog and I find myself in a funk with writing often. I do believe a change of scenery often changes my attitude with writing. I often go to a friend's to house sit and find myself writing up a storm there. GL

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