TWW’s Book Review: Love Spells, The Mystics Series Book 3 by Heidi Hall

In Love Spells by Heidi Hall, Rory is finally feeling like things are coming together. She has a guy, friends, a job and a place in Mystic that she can finally call home. Let’s share the love.
Oh she only knew how wrong it is to mess with people’s love lives. Nothing good can come of this. No matter how innocent the intentions.  
But she has to try…
I felt this was a nice wrap up to the series and I was not disappointed. So congratulations go out to Heidi Hall for breaking my trilogy losing streak!
My only problem now is that Rory’s story is over. So what am I going to do. I guess I’ll just have to go back and re-read it all over again. Perhaps I can come up with a fourth book to write…I know there is another story in here somewhere! Rating:


Wishing you moments of great reading!
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