Harvest 2014

The last several weeks we have been harvesting at Dusterhoft Farms. Yes, we have our own little farm, on less than an acre no less. Actually, it’s less than less than an acre! Currently, we live in a condo with tiny front and back yards. Since we’ve been here awhile, we know what grows well in this area so we farm our small space and enjoy the bounty it provides.
I’m sure you’ve seen our tomato plants from previous posts. This year, we had to replace the planter because it was falling apart. I promised my guy I would only plant three plants. Unfortunately, I had no control over the rogue plants that cropped up from last year’s fruit droppings. Gotta love mother nature! We’ve been eating tomatoes for several months and will probably have them until December as in previous seasons.
Our grape vines were really prolific this year. We had a paint bucket plus another large pot full of grapes for our harvest. And we only have four plants! It took an entire weekend to make our yearly grape jelly stash. And I must say it is really yummy! I know what everyone is getting this year. 
Pickles, pickles and more pickles. Another day was spent making sweet bread and butter pickles from the fruit of a single plant. Just when we think we were all done. More showed up. Unfortunately, the pickles we made were not quite sweet enough so we will be un-doing the jars, starting the process again, and adding these last beauties to the mix. All in a day’s work on the farm!
Can everyone say “Herbs”? I can’t hear you…how about a big shout out for “HERBS”? …that’s better! Yes, we we’ve been drying our first and second harvests and finally bottled them up today. I daresay we filled 10 bottles and it took us several hours to complete this task. I worked on the Thyme alone while my better half bottled up the Sage, Oregano and Basil. It’s almost time to harvest more and start the process all over again.
With only a few more things left to harvest this season, I am thinking ahead to next year and beyond. We will be incorporating some new things as we go and at some point, we have plans to add animals to the mix…but that is down the road! We have a great future in store!
Tomatoes, grapes, pickles, herbs…I am wondering what will be ready next.

Wishing you moments to enjoy your own farm or garden or whatever space you might have!

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