Having Faith – My Next Adventure Part 4



During the months of August and September, I felt like I was perpetually “on the hunt” for that dream job I always wanted. After sending out way to many resumes and applications, I needed to sit back and wait. It was really difficult for me because I grew up with the understanding that if I wanted something, I had to make it happen. However, I knew this time, I needed to listen to those around me, believe in myself and start having some faith.

Excitement Followed By Disappointment

Up until this point, the numerous “I lost my job” stories I read online did not give me much hope. The job market was tumultuous.  How long could I survive being unemployed? Financially, we were going to be fine. I was more worried emotionally. The online presence I spoke of earlier gave me so much access to information, both the good and the bad. It was difficult to not feel hopeless. Where was my confidence? I told everyone I wasn’t worried, but truthfully, I wasn’t really feeling it.

Day after day, I would constantly check my emails and voicemails. Each time I looked brought the same result – excitement followed by disappointment. My head said I needed to find a job, and my heart said I needed to give it more time. I have to say that I prayed a lot during this time. Where was my faith? I was on an emotional rollercoaster, and it was maddening!

Wildfires and Nibbles

I should say that during this time, California was being inundated by wildfires…again! It was just too much to handle. We could barely go outside because the smoke was overwhelming. I knew when the fires exploded, and one of the biggest ones to date was within a few miles of where we lived, the writing was on the wall. We were going to be moving out of the state. It was just a matter of time.

After about two weeks, I started to get a few nibbles. Companies were finally showing some interest. I interviewed with multiple organizations…all over the country. There were four really good prospects, each as different as the next. I went through the process with all of them, but my faith kept pointing to one specifically. What I was experiencing wasn’t just a nibble, this was a huge bite. 

Faith Leads Me Home

I knew in my heart this was the one. Finally, I found the company that really spoke to my heart, and shared my values. This time, I needed to make sure that I did everything right. This job search taught me so much, and I couldn’t afford any missteps. I needed to exhibit patience, belief in myself, and most importantly, rely on my faith to get me through. This was it; this was the job I wanted. 

The process took about a month, and it was excruciating!  But I hung in there, every step of the way. I continued to pray, and when I was finally offered the Talent Acquisition Specialist position at Mosaic in Omaha, NE, I knew that my faith had just lead me home. 

Stay tuned for Part 5 of My Next Adventure.


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