House Hunting

house, house hunting

House hunting is practically a full-time job. You spend a lot of time searching online. Then you bookmark the ones you like before you go and visit each and every one of those homes you saved.  And let’s not forget the time you spend scouring the neighborhoods to see if you even want to live there. Do we have to interview the neighbors?

Buying A House

I thought that buying a house would be easy. Boy, was I wrong! The housing market is nuts, and with few homes that meet your personal criteria, you lose if you snooze. By the time most of these homes hit public websites like Zillow and Trulia, they more than likely have about 3-4 offers on them. What’s the point of listing them? We saw one the other day that wanted to get backup offers. I don’t want to be anyone’s backup. I just want to buy a house! See…here’s my money. Can’t I just pay you right now? Apparently not!


Could I Eat My Dinner First?

One thing that bothers me about this whole process is dealing with the estate agents. They always seem to have their own agenda. I want to see a house when I want to see it. Not when they think I should see. “Are you available right now to go see such and such?” “No, I’m not. I am just sitting down to dinner and would like to eat it before it gets cold; thank you very much!”

Interest Rates

You’d think that with the rising interest rates, the housing market wouldn’t be so crazy. I get that there are 1.058 million people living in the metro area where I currently reside. I can’t imagine that all of them are in the market to buy each and every one of the 1258 homes currently for sale. You’d have to wonder about the homes that the buyers vacate. Won’t they go up for sale? Not if the buyers are apartment dwellers, I guess. Seriously, there has to be a house out where there are not a dozen offers under consideration.

The bottom line is I just want to buy a house. I’m not asking for the world. Just someplace where I can unpack all my boxes instead of living with them practically falling on top of me.  I dream of a place with a nice room or two where I can spread out and do my crafts. A place where I can prop my feet up after a long day.  I am tired just thinking about it, but we are off again this weekend to look at another batch of houses. Let’s go! 

Stay tuned for more adventures in househunting.


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