In Sickness and In Health

Yep, that’s what I look like, right down to the blue bathrobe!
For the record, I hate being sick. It makes me feel maudlin. I think about things I shouldn’t be thinking about and feel completely sorry for myself. It makes me wonder why I am doing what I am doing. Does anybody really care at all? Why do I bother? Is it all worth it?
The truth is that I am being ridiculous, and my head knows it, but the rest of me…well she doesn’t want to believe it. I’m so used to taking care of everyone else, that I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself. The selfish side of me is wondering where everyone is right now. She’s saying, “Hey everyone, I don’t feel well. Will you take care of me?” Of course, no one came running; except for my husband who is completely supportive and helpful by the way.
So I am having a “what about me!” moment. Should I feel guilty? The good Catholic in me, says YES, but the realist in me says no, and I think it’s okay to:
  1. Have the “what about me!” moment, and
  2. NOT feel guilty.
How many times do we, as moms, daughters, friends and women, feel like this? Probably more times than we can count.We work hard every day to take care of everyone and when we don’t feel 100%, we feel guilty because we are not contributing to the universe. Nobody cares or wants to pay attention and I am a big fat loser….STOP!!!!
None of this is true, but it’s hard to not ignore the feelings and thoughts going through your head. I am totally guilty of this and that’s why I am sharing with you. So here is a news bulletin:
You are entitled to be sick every once in awhile. No one is going to fault you for it. Don’t feel bad if your work would rather you stay home and take care of yourself than having you at the office. They want you well, at your best and not share it with the rest of the team. That’s what sick pay is all about (I had to be reminded myself of this little tidbit earlier this week.)
So take this time to rest and get well. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just be. And if you’re all alone, enjoy the peace and quiet. But remember you’re really not alone. You have all of us there with you in spirit…me included! Just remember to invite me over when you’re healthy again πŸ™‚
Now if I could just take my own advice…ugghh! I feel awful…
Wishing you moments to recuperate if you’re under the weather!


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